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Spectral Glow Gala

Join us for the Spectral Glow Gala at River City Steampunk Expo’s Steampunks In The Shadows” on Saturday, June 1, 2024! The Gala will kick off with tantalizing burlesque by Lady Lottie’s Variety Review at 9 in the evening and will carry on after the performances with the diverse DJ stylings of Professor Verminoid! Bring your black light reactive clothing, lights and spectral accessories and dance the night away with an eclectic musical setlist including traditional, goth, electro swing and more!

Make your own leather watch make and take

I am very pleased to announce that River City has given Starboard Sky Industries permission to do a hands on leather watch making panel at this year's convention! The date and time of the class are still TBD. We will have a minimum of 2 hours to complete our watches.

Although the general public will be allowed to sit in, observe, and ask questions (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the pace of the class), only paid spots will be leaving with your very own leather watch that YOU personalize and assemble yourself! I will be bringing all necessary supplies, parts, and knowledge to help you build your own leather watch. All you have to do is reserve your spot with your payment, and bring your sweet self to my class! It is highly recommended that you wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind spilling dye on, because the stuff won’t come out!

There will be a wide array of stains, dyes, and stamps, and several different finishes of rivets and hardware to choose from.

There are a total of 15 spots available. The cost of the class is $80 per person. Payment can be submitted via the following methods:
Cashapp: $starboardsky
Venmo: @starboardsky

Xena Fire show

This girl is on FIRE! The flames she performs with only shines half as brightly as this woman! River City Steampunk Expo is proud to announce that Steampunk Xena will be performing at "Steampunks In The Shadows" this year!

Tea Pot Racing

Tea Pot Racing consists of trials, where specially modified, battery powered , remote control Tea Pot vehicles, maneuver in, out, and around a course of obstacles and hazards as a timed event

All Tea Pot vehicles  will be battery powered  only, and will be stock R.C racers that conform to a set of factory standards. For safety  reasons no other motor or fuel type except batteries can be allowed.  Also it is the responsibility of each Vehicle owner racing RCSE to supply and maintain all batteries and chargers.  We will not supply emergency batteries.

When “modding” or decorating the vehicle,  only the actual outside body and chassis of the vehicle can be changed.  And it is up to individual racing team to design a vehicle safe enough to race, without damaging the course or property where the event is being conducted. All vehicles will be inspected before the races  by the race judges for safety.