Séance with Jared Howell

Jared Howell is a Magician, Mind Reader, and Fortune Teller based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Using a unique blend of storytelling, mind reading, and magic, he crafts immersive and interactive experiences that will captivate and connect with your audience. Drawing on esoteric knowledge, Jared’s performances not only amaze audiences but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the magic that surrounds us in everyday life.

Join Jared on a journey into the afterlife with an hour-long Seance. Recreated exactly how our ancestors from the 19th century would have done it. He’ll read palms, channel spirits and attempt to make physical contact across the veil!

Jared has been featured in the LEO, Scare Factor, and Great Day Live. You can currently catch him twice a month hosting The Secret Show at J&B Magic Shop and Theater in New Albany Indiana.