Steampunk My Ride – Atrium 10AM to 6PM . . . (ALL DAY)

Great opportunity at the River City Steampunk Expo!
Apply to be on one of the “Steampunk My Ride” building crew.
Working with these world class builders constitutes a masterclass in designing and building. As ‘crew’ you will receive up to eight of hours of mentoring as they create a fabulous version of mobility assistance devices. Steampunk is centered around creating extraordinary works that showcase our own inner creativity, we must ask: Why settle for a contemporary wheelchair, walker, or knee scooter when these devices can become a part of the world aesthetic that we create as steampunks. These mobility assist devices can be made spectacular?
We have a trio of Guest Makers ready to take devices from drab to FAB!
Three lucky individuals will be selected to have their devices steampunked at the River City Steampunk.
Make a difference while you learn from the best.