Eldritch Tea Dueling

Tea Dueling is an amazing sport, but how about Tea Dueling with tentacles?
Join us at “Steampunks In The Shadows” on Saturday, June 1st at 2 pm in the Oscar Wilde Room for Tea Dueling like you’ve never seen before!
Eldritch Tea Dueling Rules:
Contestants stand back to back wearing a full set of tentacle fingers. Before them will be ten lines one foot apart.
At the command of the Game Master the contestants will dunk their biscuit in a cup of tea and then remove it when instructed to do so.
There will be a signal every second and the contestants must advance to the next line. Any player who makes it all ten steps advances to the next round. The first contestant whose biscuit crumbles will be eliminated.
Game play will continue until the last two contestants are in play and the title of Grand Winner will be claimed.