Tea Room

No Steampunk event is complete without tea, and The River City Steampunk Expo’s “Steampunks In The Shadows” will be having its very own Tea Room this year.
Held in our HP Lovecraft Salon in Room 770, our Tea Room is hosted by The River City Steampunk Expo and the incomparable Tea Tzar Miah.
Different options of tea and treats will be available daily. Caffeine free and regular tea will be served, including a rotation showcasing speciality blends inspired by Steampunk Xena (Rooti Tooti Unicorn Frooti), Asgard and Wheelsworth (Idea Juice and Asgard’s Fuel), and Calamity Dawn (Calama-Tea) blended by Tea Tzar Miah.
Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door with cash or credit card. You will receive a commemorative miniature copper teapot that will be affixed to your guest pass which grants you access to the Tea Room for the entirety of the weekend.
Tea Room Hours
Friday: 3PM – 6PM
Saturday: 10AM – 5:30PM
Sunday: 10AM – 4PM