Umbrella Dueling

Get ready for a new twist on Umbrella Dueling at The River City Steampunk Expo’s “Steampunks In The Shadows”! The event will be held on Sunday, June 2nd at 1PM in the Oscar Wilde Room.
It’s simple enough and the rules are below!
It’s free to play and participate. Even if you don’t have any interest in playing, spectators and cheering on is welcomed!
Each participant will assigned a regulation “boffer” umbrella, a set of goggles and a top hat.
The primary objective is to make you opponent lose their hat. , You will also be scored on the number of “touches” exchanged.
Bouts last until one participant gains five touches, or one loses their hat.
Participants may try to get their opponent to lose his hat by swatting at it, or making them move out of the way. You are not permitted to hold the hat.
The upper body (above the waist) iis a fair target for touches
If you remove you opponent’s hat, you get ten points plus a point for each touch you make, minus the number of touches you received.
No thrusting at the face.